Medford Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Repair Services in Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass, and Rogue River, Oregon

water damage medford oregonWhen flooding occurs it can be one of the most devastating and stressful things that can happen to your home or office. But rest easy. Action 911 is certified to handle all aspects of water damage the right way in order to restore your structure to the way it was before.

Action 911 begins with an initial assessment of the affected area. Then we use special meters to measure and detect moisture levels and help determine the overall saturation of moisture throughout the affected area(s).

Once we have determined the scope of the damage, we will begin the cleanup process using heavy-duty water extractors, pumps and high- powered moisture elimination machines. We then may use specially formulated drying, deodorizing and disinfectant treatments.

Our team of professionals is equipped with all the necessary tools to remove the water, safely dry the affected area(s), deodorize,  and neutralize any infectious elements that may be present. Your home or office is completely clean and protected from any possible micro-organisms and bacteria that may be present in flooded or water damaged areas.

Finally we make sure the area is totally dry. Even the slightest bit of water can lead to mold and bacterial infections if left untreated.

Once we have solved the issue of present water we can begin to discuss the completed restoration of the area to its original state.

Your Water Damage Call To Action Plan:

  1. Call Action 911 immediately! We are ready to assist you 24/7 with any type of water damage problem. Our response team will arrive at your Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass, or Rogue River area location within 60 minutes and assist you through the water damage process.
  2. Try and turn off power to all areas that are affected. It may not look dangerous, but water conducts electricity and can cause serious shock.
  3. Do what you can to identify the source of the problem and take safe measures to neutralize the situation. This may include turning off the water to certain areas.
  4. BE CAREFUL – Areas that are not normally exposed to water tend to hold a layer of water that may be extremely slippery.
  5. If it is safe to do so, try and soak up some of the excess water.
  6. Be sure to keep a log of all the actions taken so when our professionals arrive they are aware of the measures you have already taken.
  7. Let the professionals handle the brunt of it. Don’t try and clean up the area or fix any potentially dangerous problems. Our water damage restoration professionals are specially trained to handle these types of situations and in many cases can restore items that otherwise may have been thrown out.


*We can provide Direct Billing to your insurance company for our services!

After the drying process is complete, it is time for repairs. Action 911 is a fully licensed general contractor and carries all the appropriate insurances necessary for any structural repairs caused by water damage. Our construction and remodel services include:

  • Sub-floor Removal and Replacement
  • Floor Covering Removal and Replacement
  • Drywall Replacement
  • Trim and Baseboard Removal and Replacement
  • Wallpaper Removal and Restoration
  • Painting Services

Medford Water Damage Repair & Restoration Service Professionals

It is important not to wait to take action. When acted upon quickly, water damaged areas can be easily restored. Depending on the source of the water damage – burst pipe or sewage backup, for example – we’ll assess the overall restoration work required and help ease your mind with that very first visit.  Regardless of the cause of your water damage problem, Medford’s Action 911 water restoration professionals can perform any repairs and restore to your home or office to its original state.